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inro/sagemono for phones?

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Hello all,

In thinking about possibilities for functional netsuke for contemporary western dress,  I started thinking about those small things that nearly everyone carries everywhere, their iphones or smart phones.

I've done a little searching, but haven't come across anyone making inro or sagemono (and ojime, netsuke) for phones. I'm curious if anyone here has heard of anyone making or using that sort of thing.


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That is a great idea!

Really nice use for a contemporary inro/netsuke set.

A traditional inro might be a bit much for everyday use, speed of getting to the phone seems like it would be a drawback.


 A case that looked like an inro from the back, but the screen side was open, and had provisions for the sagemono and netsuke would be very cool!

Just be sure to share some pics with us.



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Jim, yes I can see that being a bit fiddly. One open side, though- that's a good idea. Or in more of an open-top sheath for easy removal. It would certainly need to be at least as convenient as a pocket to be viable.

Janel, cool! I saw a few articles on phone charms being popular in Japan and Korea, which struck me as a similar idea in terms of decorative wearables, bordering on the poetic/talismanic.

I'm unlikely to make any, but I would use one!
I'm prone to going down rabbit-holes when it comes to work ideas, but have learned that I need to focus on the small scale carvings if I ever want to finish anything :)


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