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B.K. Henderson-Winnie

Throwback Thursday (a day late)

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Hello all,

I made this lector's pointer back in 2013. A good friend had just gotten her master's degree in archaeology. She was lecturing and teaching classes regularly, and lamented that she had no good pointer stick to use. I thought I should make her one. I put a hornet on it to help her keep all the students' attention on her lecturing- because everyone in the room pays very close attention to what's going on if there's a hornet in the space!

It is 25" long with a 3/4" handle. Main shaft made of cedar, with rose cane, mammoth ivory, Siberian jet, copper, ebony, and sterling silver in the grip and other components .




pre-inlay mammoth section, roughed-in hornet


the sections were screwed and epoxied together




hornet with finished paste inlay of Siberian jet


pointer tip, alternating layers of ebony and mammoth ivory


maker's mark cartouche on end of handle






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Does the lector's pointer double as a magic wand?  I think that the ebony/ivory rings would be very attention grabbing when used as a pointer.  Very handsome.  I especially like the signature inlay and engraving.


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Hi Janel,

It does!  Thank you :)   
The signature inlay is a carry-over from my metalworking. I have a maker's mark stamp, and I simply stamped it into a little circle of silver, then inlaid that. I ordered the custom stamp for my maker's mark from Rio Grande, and it cost about $70. 


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