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Ed Twilbeck

Walnut for small carvings

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This is left overs from 4 or 5 years ,,walnut  to pretty to throw away, thinking of doing a new Cicada, or a leaf ,pendant ,, or combine the 2 ...Any one got any IDEAS , will consider all suggestions.


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I found that the walnut I had was difficult to carve.  I sought a smooth surface on the inside of a long, bowl like shape, and the chatoyant ripple grain was very obstinate and made hills and valleys no matter how careful I was.

That said, this wood looks beautiful, and I understand why you would want to carve it.  I think that wood such as this with a beautiful grain should be carved to show the wood itself, and not try to show off careful, small details.  The grain will tend to hide it, in my opinion.  A leaf form perhaps with an on-lay of another better-for-detail wood might make a great pendant.




"Collection from a summer walk"    http://janeljacobson.com/carvings/394.html

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Yes you are right walnut is sometimes to carve and will hide details in the grain. Many years ago I built furniture and made boxes, walnut book matched always came out great. Did a box with a walnut top and carved a dragon in the top. Back then I would work to make my boxes a pleasure to touch, well the top with the Dragon did not want to come out and shine, so I finished the box with the super smooth silky feel and the dragon was very dull finish but the contrast came out unusually good. I was pleased and the lady that purchased it was very excited about it and loved the story of how the box got its different look. 

Thes 2 pieces are from a walnut crotch area and were for knife handle blanks ,, which finished out smother and silky, to nice for a knife to be used, it went to a friends collection.

i think I will be doing leaves ,,, as the wood talks to me ,, when I carve it. 

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