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Paul T

My Intro (Captain Creaky)

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Age: add in mileage and I have air beat.
Race: Human... in theory.
USMC 82-90
Married, 3 critters, all out of the house... my wife replaced them with cats and dogs.
Carving: Woods and bone.

I also do a lot of other crafty type stuff like leather work, calligraphy, artsy things.  Been making my own sealing wax for a while, as well as stains for stuff.  Disney holic and dirty old guy who strongly believes Children and laughter are sacred things.

I also love free stuff... and have very little shame about begging.


pipe 02.jpg


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2 hours ago, Janel said:

Welcome to The Carving Path.  Um maybe except for the teddy bear ... poor thing.

He should have been supervised, but I was busy with another voice.

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