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Paul T

Need cane strength wood with angle

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I've an itching to make anew cane, but cannot seem to find a piece of strong enough that has the bend at the top for the grip that is also thick enough to carve into a wrap around the hand whilst held.

I can work with almost any species of wood and strongly prefer solid pieces.

Any source you would recommend?  I'm also looking for a piece long enough to turn into a 6' walking stick... covered with faces.

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It sounds like your hoping to find a suitable piece of found wood to use to use as a cane? If so this will depend what trees/bush that you have access to locally were you live. Steam or heating to bend a handle really is a option only with thinner shanks. The thicker the material the more difficult it becomes to bend the wood without imparting splits in the wood. The photo of the Diamond Willow bent cane already had a bend that I added too to make it usable, but it was less than a inch in diameter across. A common way to have a curve/bend at the top of a cane is cut a shank [branch] from a tree that includes a large section of the tree's trunk at the end of the shank [branch][see video link below], which is shaped down into a handle, this may work for you. As I understand it you carve antler as well, a carved antler handle on top of a cane is another type of cane to explore [see my photo's].

I really like Diamond Willow [Bebbs Willow] for longer hiking / walking sticks, if you have access to it? The heart wood is strong and carves well. Here locally I use Windsor Plywood for my store bought exotic woods, here you can get any size of wood and type of wood that suits your needs. cheers gary

Great video on stick straightening 1383865418_2011carvedantlerhandlecane004.thumb.jpg.ff167a6ec37c35633199352d9ff6f1ac.jpg717474171_3sticks032.thumb.jpg.587edb655e17528f4cf88cf3c109f354.jpgDSC02503.thumb.JPG.90830ea4c1052891eae5eb8d27539daa.JPGDSC02499.thumb.JPG.1f4c43362ab6a5454fa3d1a32b82a6aa.JPG1243955229_3sticks092.thumb.jpg.66b9da3986f9047d491d82b0f55ecdde.jpg

Great video how to attach a handle  ---  Thanks to woodlandsticks for sharing his knowledge, I recommend all of Dave Slater's videos.

A overview of steam bending



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