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Molds and Waxes

Dick Bonham

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Here are pictures of two more steps in the process of casting the two Stagg portraits.

The first picture shows the rubber mold with the plaster mother mold support. The rubber was brushed onto the original clay sculpture until a half inch thickness was achieved. When the rubber was cured a layer of plaster was built up over it so the rubber would be supported. The next picture shows the completed waxes. To create these waxes a layer of wax was brushed into each half of the rubber mold until the wax is a quarter of an inch thick. The two halves are joined together to form a hollow wax. This wax is then chased to look exactly like the original clay sculpture. Think of a hollow chocolate bunny which is made in the same manner. These waxes will be cast into bronze using the lost-wax or cere’ perdue method of bronze casting. I will show you this process as the pieces progress at the foundry.




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