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It has been a while since I have posted.

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Hi Robert C,

Thank you for sharing the images, and for figuring out how to downsize them.  

I am enjoying trying to "see" the different imagery between the positive and negative spaces on the top, right pendant image.  The lashing on that one is nicely done, also.  

What are you using for the pigments on the colored pieces?  


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I like seeing the drawing/plan for the piece.  The reversal of the image on the Hei Toki reminds me of what would happen when I prepared a composition for the carved porcelain that I used to do in the '80's and '90's.  The sketch was done on tracing paper as a line drawing first, then shading was done on the reverse side.  This method offered a 'plan' for depth of carving with varying degrees of darkness.  The deeper the porcelain clay removal the more glaze would accumulate in the firing as the glaze melted and flowed.  That also would make the higher parts lighter as the glaze flowed.

Such drawings as yours can be very helpful to do in positioning the elements for balance, the way the eye moves around or is directed to move according to particular nuances ... It is good to see your thought process here.



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