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Stormy Weather

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Yes we are having a storm again . Where I am we should not have much to worry , most of the problems will be in Louisiana.

As far as carving goes I have small sculpture I am working on when I can. I am Carving a small carving of wood carver. Started a few months back . Had a bad hip. Last month had a total left hip replacement, now I am healing and on the road to recovery. Will be back carving soon.

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Hey Ed,

Good news about the hip, I hope that recovery is steady.  Stick with the PT, needless to say.  I hope that your area weathered the storm and rain totals well.  

We are having the hot and humid weeks of summer here.  For those of us used to long winters, these days are a challenge.  But, we waited all winter for them, so we try to revel in them!  

Best wishes for your recovery,


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