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Well Hello!!! I thought this site was gone. The last time I tried to log on I was told it no longer existed.  Imagine my surprise when in the course of looking for info I found a link to this page. Now I have to re-learn how to do things here.  Here is a photo of one of my Antler knife handles...I hope I have this sized right

Imported Photos 00438.jpg

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Hello Don,

I was told finally of this problem, and it was a big short-coming on my side.  I had to change servers, and also the http:// to https:// and possibly another layer as well.  I think and hope that it is now fixed and open to all.  

I am really sorry about that error on my part.  It was always there for me so I was oblivious to the problem until someone recently let me know about it.  That might explain why the forum has been so quiet.

Thank you for posting.  I think that image size is less of an issue now, but it is best to not put huge files on as some folks may still be using metered monthly data cap internet.


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