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Celtic + Matau

Steve T

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So I've been carving again, and this is my newest.  I have a new favorite tool, On my last dentist visit I asked if I could have some of the old dental bits.  The Dentist was only too please to empty out her drawer and I now have a stack of varied bits.  So I purchased the Fordem H8.D handset with a collet that works for the dental bits.  It's amazing the fine edges you can get with the dental bits.  Anyway this carving is one of my signature Maori/Celtic mashups.  Completed in Bovine bone and about 50mm (2") long.  I'm working on a cord for it now but it will be 4 strand hand plaited 4ply waxed linen thread.   Ive ben having a nice run and sold 3 carvings in the last week.

Celtic Matau.jpg

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Hello Steve T,

It is good to see your new work and to read of your scoring new tools!  I never thought of asking for the drill bits, only the hand scrapers that I would adapt into hand tools.  I will keep your suggestion in mind.  It could be interesting.  Are the shafts different than standard bits?



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Hi SteveT,  very cool !!!

Like the textured area and love the mash ups (I have an Irish wife) can you please share a pic of the dentist bits you are using? I have a few favorite dremel bits (and a whole bunch of others) I find some a bit dodgy to use as they tend to 'bite' in at the most inopportune moment and ruin my day ....


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