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I haven't posted in a long time, and recently replied to a person who had asked a stone-carving question and Janel said she was curious about what I'd been up to lately.

This one is several years old, but it's the last complicated piece I did. It's a carved citrine face, carved tiger eye "blade" and has peridots, rutilated quartz, sapphires and tourmalines. The head detaches from the dagger and is a pendant. I think the stand for it took almost as long as the other part; I cast the silver and rolled the square wires and it took a while to get everything to fit properly.

So this is for you, Janel. I still carve some, but arthritis is making it more difficult, especially for the critical hand finishing part of it, so lately I've been doing a lot more enameling and faceting. Sorry it's slightly above the kb limit; I don't have a decent Photoshop type program anymore.

Debbie K

Point of No Return-low res.jpg

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That is amazing Debbie!!  I can imagine that it comes alive when it is moving, with the gems, facets and glimmer from the metals.  The citrine face has a beautiful quality to it.

Thank you for posting this!  

(I think that the image size limit is of no concern any more.  I just have not changed the language where it is mentioned, in too many places.)


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