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William Simmonds

Doug Sanders

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I'm attaching some images of the work of an early 20th century sculptor associated with the British Arts and Crafts movement, specifically a number of people who left the city to head to rural life in Cornwall. I don't know too much about the man, but came across him recently in a show at the local art museum about the A&C movement.


After scouring the internet, I came across these images courtesy of the Crafts Study Centre at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and the Cheltenham Art Museum. Besides a sculptor he was also a puppetmaker, a very fine draughtsman, a photographer and an architect by training.




There's also a book out with several of his small ivory carvings depicted- one of a buck and doe rabbit in a arbor of plants, a wood sprite, and a calvalry officer (WWI) rescuing a woman and child from a underground shelter.


I particularly like the ducklings and mouse. Simple, rustic, relatively minimal but obviously of great talent.


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Thanks Doug!


These could be netsuke, if carved in the right scale. Scrolling horizontally is ok for the wide screens. Resize to a narrow browser window and they line up vertically for me.


Nice work and thank you for searching for the images to share with us.



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