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Hope you don't mind the knives

Rik Palm

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These are the last 2 knives before The Reno Show.


Now I'm in sheath making mode.


The first one has been on the bench for quite awhile.

It was made from a railroad spike.


The knife turned out to be 9 inches overall length with a 4 1/2 inch blade about 1 1/8 inch at its widest. † Full length distal taper starting at about 3/16 thick, swedge is not sharpened. Its about 5/16 thick at the guard and 5/8 inch thick at its butt. † The seacow rib was really weathered so I coated it with mineral oil and its color came to life.† Here's a pic of the finished Railroad Spiked knife.


Here's a pic




I also did a small pictorial of it being made if your interested. Railroad spike pictorial


I also made another Relic knife this one has a guard and handle spacer.

Its about 11 1/2 inches over all with a 6 1/2 inch heavy textured blade, weathered antler crown, 1018 guard and handle spacer.




thanx for looking and now I got to get back to work!



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