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Diamond Plate Spindle

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I have the 8 inch diamond tool polishing plates with the 1/2 inch hole in the middle for a spindle.  They are roughly 3/8 of an inch thick.

These spinning plates to shape the carbide gravers on a drill press.  

Does someone make a precision pre-made spindle which chucks up in a drill press for these plates?

I am prepared to machine a few for myself if no product exists.  But, I don't have a strong desire to re-invent the wheel if there is a great product which exists. 

Currently, I am using 1/2 inch bolts as my spindles, which have had the head cut off them, but the threads are not perfectly concentric with the shaft.  This induces a small amount of "wobble" in the plate as it spins.  I realize some of it may be bearing run-out on the drill press, but that is not the majority of the wobble. 

Two pictures.  One is of what I currently use.  The second is a drawing of what I *could* machine to replace it. 




bolt engraving spindle.jpg

improved spindle design.jpg

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I ended up starting a batch of 4 spindles on the lathe.   The spindle will accept plates as thin as 3/16ths of an inch, and as thick as 1/2 inch.

There was a spindle which was available on another site, but it did not look robust.  All surfaces are true relative to each other within 1/1000 of an inch.

The spacer which rests on the abrasive side is a friction fit on the shaft, to enhance trueness.  

Below is a comparison picture between the old and the new style.   I wanted a longer shaft on this spindle, so the quill on the drill press didn't have to be cranked down so far.


Spindle 1 of 4 with old style.jpg

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