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Power carving chips

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Well the Ebony leaf is somewhere in the studio,can’t see it or find it. So I started a new one. Trying something new. I have a 3/4 x3/4 piece of yellow heart, carving a pendant for a necklace, a small leaf.  The black and white Ebony one is somewhere, it will show up one day. With my arthritis in my back , hip and spine can’t get down to find it . 




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Hi Ed, 
Sorry to learn of advancing flexibility issues.  I am glad that you can still carve.  I also have a way of believing that most of what disappears will show itself for discovery and return some day.  

I am curious about the backer that you are carving on ... is it leather?  Well used I must say, and good idea.

Happy New Year wishes to you!


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