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Hi from Perth Australia!


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Hi I'm Brokk Svendsen.
Apparently I had joined this forum 10 years ago! I forgot I was a member but I still have the same email so I was able to get a new password.

I've been carving for about 15 years, solidly for the past 7-8 or so. I'm 32 years old.
I live in Perth Western Australia, born and raised, though both of my parents come from Minnesota USA.
My grandfather ('Pop') inspired and taught me to carve and we're members of the Wandi woodcarvers guild.
I teach beginners with Pop twice a month for the guild (1st and 3rd saturdays of each month) and I find that teaching helps oneself to learn as well, after awhile carving techniques that you use become second nature, but to describe them and show to to someone else makes you really think about and analyse what you're doing.

I like natural sort of organic forms, I'm a big fan of japanese art in general and in particular netsuke.
I generally carve small pieces, no bigger than (and usually smaller than) about a fist (with a few exceptions of course)
I was first introduced to netsuke by none other than Sue Wraight when our guild was lucky enough to have her give a workshop (many years ago now)

At some point soon I'll take some photos of what I like to carve and post them on the forum, unfortunately I'm not great with a camera.

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Welcome Brokk,

Where in MN did your parents come from?  I live in MN.

How fortunate you were to have a little time with Susan Wraight!  What an inspiration that must have been to have her give a workshop to your carving group.  And, good experiences all around for teaching carving with your Pop! 

Ed:  I am glad to see you have recovered!  Welcome back to you!


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Hi Janel, thank you.

I'm not 100% sure what parts they come from but I believe Duluth and Brainerd have been mentioned in the past. I know they had a cabin by a lake but I doubt that narrows it down any.

Yes I was super lucky to have had that experience with Sue Wraight, more recently, I believe 2018-19, Hape Kiddle has come and done some workshops with the guild, not sure if you know of his work but he's really great, he usually plays with flowing forms in sort of abstract natural looking shapes. His website is here: https://www.hapekiddle.com/ I recommend checking it out, they're lovely to look at and to touch.

I'm currently working on a little frog out of boxwood and a little dog out of hickory. I'm going to use ukibori for the frogs bumps and inlay amber and horn for the eyes.
Oh and I've seen your carvings several times Janel, they're amazing! My frog won't come out as good as yours do but I'll do my best ;) 

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Hi Brokk,

Northern Minnesota, yes that helps a bit.  I am in east central near the Wisconsin border.  Minnesota has three definite zones between prairie, woodland and the lakes region.  A cabin of any sort on a lake is common for many folks.  We are next to the Sunrise River about a mile from the St. Croix River confluence, so I do have water nearby.


Thank you for the link and reminder of Hape Kiddle's work.  I had heard of him, and to see his work now is refreshing.  It is so easy to want to touch and caress it.  

I look forward to seeing your carvings as they progress.  Ukibori - fun!

Thank you for the compliment.  Frogs have been my favorite ... I kept the local varieties of tree frogs and toads in large aquariums, raised meal worms and crickets for them and purchased bait grubs from time to time in winter.  Net caught things in summer.  I loved watching them grow old ... life stories ... one or some reached about nine years of age, by then quite loose skinned and baggy instead of the taught skin of youth.  


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Hey Janel

So I spoke to my mother a few days ago and she told me that she grew up in Apple Valley, so I was wrong hah, it was other family who lived near Brainerd.
I'm in the south west of Western Australia myself, it's uncomfortably hot here right now even though it's supposed to be autumn. 

We've got frogs all around the area, they're mostly motorbike frogs, you can really hear them at night.
9 year old frogs? Well you must have taken really good care of the little guys, I bet they don't often get that old in the wild.

I love Hape's work, he's really easy to get on with too, interesting guy.

Once I get some pictures of my carvings I'll definitely post them up on here

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