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Hi everybody,

Few words to introduce myself. Pierre, 41, from Paris, France. Interested in crafting small objects with my pocket knife since my youth. I revived this interest due to COVID related containment, leaving time for indoor activities... plus the discovery of the art of netsuke.
I am a beginner, carving mainly avocado spits at this time, trying to turn them into small figures, mainly animal shaped. I am also a pocket knife enthusiast, and I use my Higonokami knives to carve (currently looking for more specific tools).
Interested in sharing my experiences and gaining knowledge from others.
I just acquired tagua nuts, and i am wondering how to work with them...
Looking forward to discussing with the community,
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Hi Pierre,

Welcome!  There are some discussions about tagua nuts on the forum that might be helpful.  

I think that knives that are more like pocket knives might be too challenging and dangerous for tagua.  Smaller, more controllable shaving shapes might be more rewarding after first roughing out with files.  (A tip: if you have a carving peg, you might find the tacky putty stuff used for sticking posters and paper to walls an asset to holding the hard and rounded nut while working.  It reduces the clamp-like grip for the holding hand by sticking to the backside.)


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