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Tim Blades

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I came across this Ojime in 'Ojime Magical Jewels of Japan' by Robert Kinsey (very nice book by the way) .


I have not come across this alloy before , I have looked it up in the dictionary and it is a bit vague, copper based alloy etc , it seems to patinate to a nice black (apologies for the photo taken in bad light) can any one tell me more? I have plans to make some of the various japanese alloys this spring and improve my patination , which is a bit hit and miss at the moment!


Many thanks, Tim.


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Sentoku is primarily copper and tin, or what we would call bronze. When you factor in other metals used in various alloys, the number of alloys possible is quite vast. I don't have much experience with sentoku, but it was used to great effect by the various Meiji masters in conjunction with the other alloys, primarily shibuichi and shakudo.


Perhaps when Ford gets settled he can give us a sentoku "primer".


Here's a vase by Yoshimitsu(courtesy of Kagedo Gallery) circa 1900-20.


Sentoku with inlayed leaves in(my best guess) shinchu("brass"copper/zinc) and sentoku(varying alloys).


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In reviewing my sources, it appears that sentoku is considered a "Yellow bronze" with zinc and lead as well as tin, with traces of others. Seems that shinchu has a higher zinc content.


It seems that in general, what we would consider bronze is in Japan called "karakane" or "Chinese metal" . This is a loose term for alloys of primary constituants: copper , tin, lead. Sorry to have been misleading before.


I would say the vase below appears to be sentoku.


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