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Pier 51


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I made this piece recently and sent Janel a picture. She suggested I join your forum so here I am. This was made from a "found" piece of Luan mahogany and is mounted on a stand made from a piece of wood from a wooden pallet that carried stones for my garden. Worked with chisels both mechanical and manual. Finished using teak oil.





p.s., hope this fits your size rqmts??




EDIT by Janel


No Ralph, it did not fit the requirements yet. You did get the file into 72 dpi, but the dimensions were three times too large.


What we strongly suggest:


72 dpi

640 x 480 pixel dimensions ( or there abouts )

50 k or less file size.


Your image was 1872 x 1092 pixels, and when Photoshop opened it, the dimensions yielded 5.5 M and the compressed size indicated on this page before I deleted it was 189.4 k. My browser window had to stretch from one side of the moniter to the other and I have a large moniter. I do hope that you get all the measurements figured out! It is a bump on the road at the beginning of being a contributor to TCP, but once the newbies figure it out, the participation gets fun.



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