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Ginkgo Koshirae for Tanto

Francis Gastellu

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I've been working on the fittings for a tanto knife, and I thought I would post my progress.

These are very simple carvings and more of an excuse to practice inlays. My focus is on reducing the need for cleanup after the inlay work by doing cleaner work in the first place ;)

Ura side:


Omote side:


The fittings are copper and the inlays are shibuichi (40/60). Looking at these now, they're a little bit more proud than I'd like (again... though better than in the past 😉). I'm quite happy with the inlay work itself, it's probably the least amount of cleanup I've ever had to do on a piece, and it went a lot faster.

Still looking at the design for the kashira but I'll post back here once it's done.

Cheers, and have a wonderful week!

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