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Off the shelf tools - Australia

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Hi All,

I'm interested in starting to carve netsuke, however coming from a whittling/spoon carving background my tools are of a larger variety. Are there any recommendations from any other Aussies for sources of carving tools that are more suited for netsuke?

I have picked up Robert Jubbs book and I am basing my starting tool selection on his recommendations, however brands like Dockyards are currently difficult to obtain either due to cost of freight or just delivery time frame. I have access to the Kirschen range of carving tools, but I wanted to check if their was other sources outside of the 2-3 major woodworking stores in Aus.


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Hello Dane,

The difficulty in finding netsuke carving tools is not a unique one.  Most folks do finally learn to make their own.  The Carving Path forum pages are a repository of information that with persistence and patience can help guide the inquirer towards answering the questions that arise.  

You might find the forum to be a quiet place these days, though many people use the forum to gather information.  Some may contribute from time to time, always a welcome event.

Good wishes to you,


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