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Tiger Lily

Patrick Hastings

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The past by summer I had got similar a photo. This lily grows in my

  garden. This fun to see such miscellaneouses and such similar photo!




  My Webpage


Beautiful! It is a small world, here is a shot of a different flower on the same plant, very similar.

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I did not take photos of the dancing ladies last summer, but did of other lilies in the gardens.  Here is one with and without flash.  The walk to the studio sometimes takes a long time, when I am carrying the camera!





I can relate,

as a casual hobby I photo wild flowers and insects, well just about anything in nature. Since I live in a forest I often get distracted by my suroundings. I have a large collection of not so great pics, but I have a new 8mp camera that should return some good stuff this spring and hopefully help improve the photos of my work aswell. I have learned allot from the photo forums recently and I need all the help I can get :)

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