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Hi from S. Africa


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Hey all


I'm Wikus from South Africa, I mainly do bone carvings based on maori designs. I've been doing it for some time now and im really interested in doing some jade carvings next.


As soon as I have some nice photos of some of my carvings I will post them.



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Welcome Wikus!


I look forward to seeing what you have to show us! We do have some jade carvers pop in now and then. You might find their posts buy using keywords related to your interests in the SEARCH area of this forum. We have a great lot of information to read from our members.


Thanks for finding and joining The Carving Path Forum!



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Welcome Wikus. Glad to have you on board. We'll look forward to seeing your work.


Hi Jim,


I didn't know where to place this request so I thought it's best to address it to you.


I'm going to Bournemouth, England for a month to attend a course in Aviation English, and I was wondering if there are any members of The Carving Path in the vicinity whom I could pay a visit and see their working environment.


Thanks and Best Regards,



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Hi Wilkus,


Welcome. I just joined a short time ago myself and already am finding tons of really helpful information, ideas and techniques.


In reading your posting, I was marveling that you work in a Maori style yet life in South Africa. Is there a Maori connection in your background?



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Welcome Wikus,

You have come to the only place I know of where there is so much freely offered information.


Nowhere else have I discovered such ultruistic energy.


There is much to learn in this realm of high talent and skill.




Looking forward to seeing your works posted as they evolve.


Ford advised some time back he had also ordered jade from Canada although I've not followed up with him on this account.


Any comments Ford?



Remember ......it is only your imagination which sets limits........



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Guest ford hallam

Hi daar Wikus,


jy is seker baie welkom hier.

Funny enough Iast week-end I met up with an old friend who is now a specialist fisherman, supplying the sushi trade. He wears a very nice Maori "hook", apparently many of the professional fisherman have taken to wearing them here, as a protective amulet. They call them simply " die haak", the hook.


Hi also to the rest of the gang, apologies for the long silence. We're now in the sunshine, although it remains to be seen for how long.


Donn, I recieved the jade from Canada just before xmas, needless to say I've not had the oportunity to do anything with it as yet.


regards to all, Ford :rolleyes:

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Guest ford hallam

Thanks for the welcome back, Jim,Janel and Toscano


Jim, "bloke" in local parlance, it would be a bit tricky to be specific as there are 11 official languages, not to mention, Yiddish, German, Portugese etc. but, Oke ( pronounced Oak ) or the diminutive, Outjie would be widely understood.


I'll get some images posted of the cape , just to tease ;)



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