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Bon jour mes amie! just joined in...

Jacques Vesery

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my name is Jacques Vesery.... some of you know me and I'm glad to see names I know as well.

here's my bio. , etc. and some recent pieces;


Jacques is an Artisan from Damariscotta, Maine, creating wood art pieces. Striving to evoke the spirit of nature in his work, Jacques is greatly influenced by the source of his medium, the living tree and the great circle which is life. After serving as a submariner in the Navy, he became a scrimshander in Hawaii and later, Cape Cod. He then served as a forest ranger and forest fire warden in northern New Jersey. A self taught artist, Jacques now works in wood, a more sustainable and environmentally sound medium. Currently, Jacques is a member of the American Association of Woodturners and serves on the Professional Outreach Program's Advisory committee. He is also a contributing editor for the American Woodturner Magazine. In addition, he teaches, lectures on design and demonstrates his techniques throughout the US and abroad. In his free time he enjoys hiking, ice skating, kayaking, cooking and gardening. Jacques, his wife Minda Gold, and their sons Isaac and Jonah enjoy living, working, and playing in Maine, the way life should be.


from the essays of the Surface + Form Exhibit, Perth, Australia

Jacques Vesery's richly carved vessels participate in the great decorative arts tradition of obets de vertue- confections of craft skill and rich material that have little point other than their fabulousness. Vesery's precursors are not necessarily to be found in the woodturning movement, but rather in the deluxe playthings of the wealthy: Faberge' eggs, Meissen porcelain cups and the like. Though some of the materials are the most obvious touches of luxury, the small scale of his objects are the real key to their sense of preciousness....



1] "The Enigma From Within" 2006 2.5" x 2.2" D carved/ textured cherry, 22kt gold leaf, with carved amber gemstone 30mm x 14mm


"Traveling Under Watery Skies" 2005-06 5" x 3.5" carved/ textured cherry


ENJOY!.... peace





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Welcome Jacques. It's unanimous, we need to see more.  ;)



thank sto all... glad you like it....sorry for the extra posts in early AM... not used to the site yet

and being a newbie and all :blink: ...... I'll try to answer all from here.. hope that is appropriate?


Ahhhh the website.... long story short, after being burned on an earlier attempt, 've been dragging my feet to start over.... and I've been so busy trying to keep up with demand that the website has become a lower priority..... I may try a simple site on .mac soon... I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can view some of my work at www.delmano.com from past exhibits.... so until then, I have posted a few more new pcs. below for your enjoyment.... I also included an older pc. from my scrimshander days, when I was still a young sailer boy... I think you'll see the connection, old to new.....


The first pc. I posted does have a removable carved amber pc...... carved on the bottom side

so it becomes the hidden treasure until it is removed..... I like the hidden treasures, as I know

most of you do as well



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Welcome Jacques please show more  they are fantistic.



Thanks... I'll try to post more as a new post in show and tell soon....

I feel like I need to catch some of you up on what I've been doing

lately.... I'm sure Jim K. has not seen recent stuff since we did the philly

show together way back when... Janel too

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