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Besides just diving right in there. Are there any suggestions about the best way to approach miniature carving as opposed to traditional carving. So far I've carved a small Celtic cross about 3 inches tall out of cherry, an a 1 inch celtic knot broach out of boxwood, but they were pretty straight forward mechanically and kind of large too. Any suggestions or recommendations of books.



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There are some netsuke related books among other sorts of books on our small book store page. The Book Store topic of this forum will get you to it.


Some folks draw, some make plasticene models. Some figure out what will fit in the wood and compose with the wood's characteristics and limitations.


Carve, learn, carve some more, learn some more, build on what you learn and carve some more...ask questions, learn and carve some more... that is how it goes.


Now, you also have The Carving Path to do lots of research in. We did not have the benefit of this forum when we started carving, so you will be ahead of the game with the shared knowledge here, if you take the time to read it!


Learn to keep your tools sharp, cut away from your flesh, and get a good source of illumination for your work space.


It takes time to develop skills and your own style. With experience, you will grow with your abilities. (Uh, does that sound like another Yogi Berra, Jim?) Sorry, it is past my bed time.

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