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Vindsval the cold wind

Jake Powning

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Hi Guys I haven't been around this site in quite a while, there is some great stuff going on here and I hope to spend more time here.

This is a sword with a Wootz blade that i am working on. I just finished the Scabbard carving but have yet to take pictures of it. I took a new aproach to this piece, usualy I design my work on paper before making it. with this piece I had an elk antler and an 8 pound ingot of wootz and I went from there, working with the materials and designing as I went, so the design was much more process driven than normal for me.. It is exploring the raw power of nature and the scabbard has a whole story frieze carved on it.

anyway I'll post pictures of the scabbard soon. here is the sword as it is now...


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gorgeous sword Jake. Did the wootz come from Ric Furrer? I just spennt the weekend with him.

Hi Robert,

The wootz was made by Greg Thomas Obach, a canadian steel maker. Rick is a great guy isn't he. I got to hang out with him at Harleys Hammerin last year, he's helped me allot with this piece on advice about colouring and exposing the pattern in the wootz.

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Thanks Charlie, you do beautifull work as well!

I've finally got the scabbard finished on this one.

This is an art piece that I have been working on since Last August. I wrote a poem that accompanies it. It is essentially an exploration of the disrespect we show the earth and the consequenses we are experiencing because of this disrespect. while we fight over human ideologies the wounded earth beast thrashes it's tail and sends us all sprawling into the sea.

I have been wanting to push the conseptual side of my work and this piece is my first really overt effort in this dirrection.

I thought I would make a sword for the earth.

thanks for looking :rolleyes:




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That's magnificent Jake! I think we've all been aching to see some new work for the Spring. It's so earthy and powerful. Can you tell us how you made the scabbard fittings?

Thanks.    :)

Thanks Jim!

the scabbard fittings where sculpted and carved out of wax. I then invested them in a silica/plaster investment solution, melted the wax out and pored in molten bronze. there's a bit of finishing work after that but thats about the sum of it. I've been meaning to do a tutorial on this process but it's so messy, I never get around to getting the camera out. the investing and casting part is also very nerveracking I find. :rolleyes:

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