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Hello Everyone

Helen C.

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My name is Helen Carpiaux. I am a novice carver who’s worked in wood for 5 years and presently works with stone. Carving is more of a hobby for me. The few wood carvings I have done were smaller in scale and inspired by Netsuke which have fascinated me ever since I saw an episode of “Antiques Road Show†on PBS.


I came across Janel’s site by chance about 3 to 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since. The addition of The Carving Path forum has been an added source of inspiration and encouragement. (this is an exceptionally talented group of people)


I did a copy of a Susan Wright piece last year as a learning experience (a mouse in a ball of leaves). I have a long way to go and am sincerely humbled by works I’ve seen on this forum. (btw, I gave the copy to my niece for her birthday) I purchased a piece of Boxwood and am working up the courage to tackle a design of my own.


I most likely will just listen in from time to time, but wanted to share my enthusiasm for this forum. I’ve attached a image or two of my stone carvings (I feel better showing these than my wood work).post-202-1140824937.jpg

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I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome.


The sculptures I do in stone are either in alabaster, soapstone, chlorite or wonderstone. The picture sent originally is soapstone on a walnut base. It measures 15"l x 12"h x 5"w.


Attached are a few others. Foliage is soapstone on birch base, SeaFan is alabaster on walnut & Flame is alabaster on walnut.


I promise my next post to be a small wood carving as soon as i decide on a design.



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