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metal painting

Jim Kelso

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I've started a small table screen in shibuichi and other metals depicting a gliding Barred Owl in the woods. The owl will be in darkened pure silver inlayed in shibuichi with carved and engraved trees in the ground. Here's the owl set in his inlay channel that has a bur punched back all around the edges. He sets down in the ground about 1 mm. The burr will be punched back against the silver to hold it and create a gapless(hmmm...) joint. The owl has a 49mm(1.9") wingspan


Took me the better part of a day and a half to get the channel just right what with all the little wingtips and such. I'll post more as this goes on.


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  that looks good, whats the scale of the table screen,  and did you relive the the entire area that the owl covers?


Hi Samuel, here's a shot of the screen front. It's about 132mm(5.2") at the widest. It will have a wood and metal base. And yes the whole area beneath the owl had to be relieved. Here's a shot showing the wing area and the punches used to raise the burr around the edge.



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Hi Jim,

What do you use to get the very subtle quality of your carving?



Thanks Dick and Toscano. This piece is being very challenging. The inlay was on the thick side, so it gave me some chance to play around. I knew from my drawing that the anatomy was tricky because of the angle. Mostly I've just gone slowly, not making too many decisions at once and just plowing ahead. Having the silhouette as right as I could is ultra important. I've spent a lot of time just sitting looking, going away, coming back.


I'll show some tools later.

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Hi Dick,


Those transitions are indeed a big part of it. I spent a lot of time looking at owl photos and seeing how they fit together in different poses. Mostly it was looking and drawing until I was confident about some bit and sooner or later all the bits add up.


Here's a shot of my computer screen with about a third of the photos I was looking at. The internet is a great resource for images of this type.


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