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Looks like you figured it out. I'd like to ask for a few words of explanation, as both of your carvings seem to have a metaphor, or narrative associated with them.


The second seems a bit poppy seed head like, but more whimsical.- I hate that word, please don't take offense- I just can't think of the right one...


I'm getting a sense from these two, plus the one you introduced yourself with, that there's a playful/magical side to your works?

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I've done a few seedlike carvings. They usually begin with a basic shape but eventually, due to my inability to leave things alone, become something different.


I just have to let the chisel lead the way sometimes, seeking out and pushing about shapes until what I've got in my hand is almost as much a surprise to me as it might be to anyone else. I love it when the work begins to 'talk back' at you, suggesting what you might do, saying 'Just how thin can you make this wall' or 'You're going to have to make a new chisel to get any further in here, boy!'


Yes there's often an element of whimsy (perfectly fine word) and implied narrative. As yet I haven't produced a piece based on a specific character from legend or literature and I'm inclined not to, as yet. Still too interested in improvisation.


They're both boxwood. The 'woodlouse' figure is not quite finished - need to sharpen some edges, smooth others.

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