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Welcome to The Carving Path Forum!


I see many new members are here for the first time, and I hope that as you feel comfortable with the forum that you will introduce yourselves here in the Who's Who section. Make a new topic for yourself or add your introduction to another longer one. It works either way.


Please give a look at the Admin Announcements. Among other things, Don gives tips on posting photos for those of you who want to illustrate your messages. It would be helpful to the forum if you read that and followed those photo guidelines if possible.


If you do not know how to resize an image, go to the Photography forum, Topic: Resize Images For This Forum, Reduce file size with Photoshop. There, I offer one method for resizing images with Photoshop. If anyone has another method, please add a new topic to the Photography forum with their own tips.


It is great to see folks joining the forum! I do hope that you learn and enjoy, and that you will add your own posts for us to read!


Again, welcome.



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I registered a week or so ago-- this is my 3rd try at posting—I’m not very good with the computer. Thought I would write and introduce myself to the group. I’m Jimmy McNeil, an archeologist with the Army Corps of Engineers, in Memphis, TN. I have attempted to carve for years, but only the past 4 years or so have I really worked at it. I have a stone sculptor that I started 28 years ago—hope to finish before I die. For years I did a lot of etchings and relief carvings on North Carolina green slate (really a low silica argillite). These ranged in size from a few inches to 10 feet or more in length. Now I carve smaller items, but larger than netsuke. I carve stone, antler, bone, fossil ivory, and sometimes wood. I prefer fossil ivory and antler. I try to use the rough shape of the material I am carving and fit my subject matter to that shape. A lot of my subject matter revolves around leaves, bugs, and plants; I do people (not very well) sometimes. I like to collector or carvers work when I can afford it. I have collected netsuke (old and new) for years (have about 15 old ones that are really good), but collect carving of all sizes and materials. I also make a few knives, but prefer carving to knife making. I specialize in blade piercing.


Mineral collecting has been my main hobby, and love, for 50 years—I like carvings just about as good. My wife and I had a mine in Arkansas for about 10 years. We do craft shows (where I get to meet a carver every now-and-again) and mineral shows. Next week we will go to Tokyo for a mineral show—I hope to see a netsuke exhibit while there.


I have attached a photo (I hope) with some of my work. Upper left corner shows a knife I made—the blade is pierced with a mountain line standing over a human skull, the handle has a small meteorite (both sides) in it; upper right side is bone, and is a left over piece from another project; lower left corner is caribou antler; lower right is fossil mammoth ivory.


Jeanel, thank you for developing this site and allowing amateurs like me join. I have read a lot of the materials on the site and have gotten worthwhile information from it. As you know it is often hard to find someplace to get good information and be able to ask a question and get some type of response. Thanks again for the great site.


If I can provide information to anyone about carving materials or minerals I’ll be happy to do what I can.


Thank you,


Jimmy McNeil


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Welcome Jimmy! Thanks for introducing yourself and your work!


What kind of mine did you own? What sorts of minerals will you bring to Tokyo? Do you ship them ahead, or carry them on when you fly? Do you do the Gem and Mineral Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota?


I am also curious about how you handle the currency difference. We've discussed a similar topic in "Doing Business" when someone from another country wants to purchase from US artists.


I hope that you have a successful and rewarding trip to Japan! My imagination goes with you, with some envy as well. Please, let us know when you have returned!



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