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yasuri mei files

christopher makin

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I've been looking back through the archives and Google, and think that I found the Japanese web site that might have had a filemaker on it. The site www.edocraft.com was it, but access is now forbidden for some reason. That is very frustrating, because it was a wonderful site to spend time on, reading about the many wonderful craftsmen.


If I remember correctly, Ford Hallam knows the file maker, or one of them, appearing on the web site. Ford, do you know how to find other information about that person, or other filemakers?


Does anyone know how to attain access to the Edo Craft web site, by any chance?

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It works for me this morning, PHEW! I was about to write to my server.


Christopher, look up:



Mr. Toshio Fukazawa - Fukazawa Yasuri


The name Yasuri was named because long time ago, it was used to sharpen(in Japanese, 'Suri') an arrowhead(in Japanese, 'Ya'). The old Yasuri is preserved in Shousouin Treasure Castle. Mr. Fukazawa is 3rd generation in Edo Yasuri and he is trying to manufacture the product with great sharpness, long lasting, and smooth sharpened surface. Nowadays, there also are demands from surgeon for shaving a bone in operation, and from dentist for shaving tooth.



This is what I wanted you to see. Did you find this on your visit to the site?

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