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hello from the pacific northwest

magnus homestead

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Hello All,


I came across this site a few weeks ago and am delighted. All of your wonderfull works and your sharing energy are indeed a blessing to the world.


I have been a jeweler for 32 years so as to make a living, but I feel I am a carver at heart. I only recently discovered netsuke and am moving in that direction.


I have enclosed some photos of my last two jewelry pieces. I hope to have a sculptural carving done soon.

I'm so glad to be a part of this site.


In Love and Light,



P.S. my wife and I live in the Columbia Gorge area of Washington State, US

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Hello Magnus! Welcome to The Carving Path!


Thank you for your introduction and the photos of your work. It is a pleasure to see what you are doing and I look forward to your explorations with what you hope to be doing.


Would you be willing to describe the work you presented in the above photos? Materials, technical approach, any mythology related to the images? Are any particular cultural influences appearing in your work?


Is the piece with the carved/pierced green material made of wax or stone?

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Thank you all for such a warm welcome!


I would of course be happy to describe process and technique, etc. As to the green object - that is the wax carving that became the main body for the bead on the right - I cast it in 18 kt. gold - the casting was sanded and polished much as one would do with ebony or other hard wood. The backgounrd around the front recesses was textured with a #2 beading tool and a hammer. The bezels holding the amethyst (10ct.) and citrine (5ct.) were hammered onto the stones with a hand held hammer and punch. The black jade carving and the spessartite garnet bullet were hammered with a reciprocating hammer piece using a flex shaft. I carved the relief of the piercing uderneath the jade using hand gravers and a flex shaft and textured the scrolls with a diamond tool. I oxidized the gold inside the bead to give a better contrast against the scrolls. The jade I carved with dimond tools in a flex shaft and polished by hand to a satin using silicon carbide paper.


As to symbolism of designs - on the ring, which was a commissioned piece, the client wanted a heart, some celtic element and some wheat incorporated into the ring -I put the flowers in the lower corners as a complimentary element. On the bottom and sides of the ring I carved sort of a tree of life vine motif.

The bead is a stock piece and I made it up as I went - the face I wanted to be serene but stylized - sort of a nice surpize when one turns the piece over, and something good to wear against the body.

Hope this isn't too lengthy a response, Janel.

Thanks again,




post-239-1150045710.jpgThank you all for such a warm welcome!

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