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fossilized ivory

magnus homestead

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Old ivories are one material I like to see in person before I commit. Your best bet in the NW is:


Boone Trading


Daniel has been in the business a long time and is close enough so that you could go see material in person.


Mammoth seems to me more sensitive to humidity changes than elephant, so it's important to keep it from sudden dramatic atmospheric changes and to avoid overheating while working it.

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Hi there. Fossilized ivory has become ver popular with knifemakers. Try some knifemaking supplie places like Jantz knifemaking supplies or texas knifemaking supplies. If they dont have it they may know where to send you.

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In response to queries about where to find fossil walrus ivory, I would like to put some of my personal inventory up for sale.


I am putting my energies toward writing, photography and painting these days and it appears unlikely that I will make more than an occasional knife from here on out. The piece that I wrote about in the February issue of blade, La Bastogne, may well be my swan-song.


If people are looking for specific sizes of material they should contact me directly: muradsay@adelphia.net

and I will photograph particular pieces and forward details at that time.


I have something on the order of 20 lbs. of fosil walrus, some smaller sizes that were scraps cut off handle pieces, and a dozen plus handle pieces, none of which are marginal, all premium material.


let me know your needs




Murad Sayen

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