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A Grand Museum Reopening


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My spring and summer have been filled with many things. Last week I attended a gala reception, to celebrate the reopening of a renovated museum. This museum contains two of my pieces. One is a carved porcelain box which I donated a decade ago when I had switched to carving wood, and the other is a small coiled snake which a client donated a few years ago (which was not on display). at the Smithsonian American Art Museum & Portrait Gallery. The event was lavish, and it was a great treat to be in the company of one of my major collectors, whom I was visiting on this trip. The red carpets were rolled out at an entrance other than the one posted below. Six standing trumpeters, with straight instruments with flags hanging from them played processionals while valet service opened the car doors. Quite a nice treatment!


The first image of the SAAM was taken just before noon. This was a different doorway than the one we entered for the evening event, and had two fifes and a drum playing colonial music. A private viewing had taken place for the people who most likely contributed huge amounts of money towards the renovation.





Open Storage at the Luce Foundation Center for American Art where some of the thousands and thousands of pieces in storage are on an annual rotation to enable the public to see what else the museum owns. Crafts on display are at the upper right.



In the company of some giants! My little celadon box is nearby work from very well known ceramic artists. I won't list them all.



"Plum Tree Thicket"


I would recommend visiting this museum. The renovation period kept this gem closed for six years, and the building itself is wonderful to see and to learn about. It was designed as the Patent Office, and has been changed often in its history. I would also recommend seeing the new American Indian Museum, and leave yourself time and brain space to take it all in. Have an appetite also, there is a restaurant/cafeteria which has several different tribal group menues. I think that I would go there every day for a different meal while in WDC.

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Thank You, Janel, that You showed us this wonderful museum! I congratulate You from the bottom of my heart! Your amazing creations must be in the best museums and collections of the World!!!!!!! :lol: I imagine how You are glad!!!!!!

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