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Old Frog, New Frog, Apple


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Hello Janel!!!!

Your frogs are lovely, beautiful, amazing... as always! I so love your frogs! I cannot imagine how did You carve them, for me better to carve five sculptures than one frog.... Thank You for so amazing miracle! :blink:

Sorry, my eyes have no effect..... probably they are not right! :)

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I share your thoughts, I cannot imagine how you do the work you do, and I speak with great admiration.


OK. I find that if I have less light in the room, and the screen brighter, the effects are a little easier to see. Get comfortably close to the screen, look at the point between the two images, the top one may give you more depth to see at first. When you are comfortably looking between the two images, begin to cross your eyes. When you see three images try to concentrate on bringing the center image into focus. As your eyes find that point, they might work at keeping the image in focus. You should be able to move your eyes together, looking up and down and at the various parts of the image.


I'll think about what might make the 3D images work better, such as lighting, background, etc. These photos were not the usual set up for me, just a quick record of the day's work.


I hope you all are able to click into the 3D thing.

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I'm sorry you didn't have the results you wanted with the oil application. I'n the end, it looks as though things turned out just fine. I love the variety of textures and surfaces you've created, it really lends to a desire to explore all that you've offered with the subject and composition.

Is that a knot in the boxwood I see on the leave depicted in the second shot? The eye on the larger frog, with the lower lid showing is particularly stunning.



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Hi Doug,


Thanks. I do believe that is a knot, but I don't remember it personally. I'll have to have a look at it today! It is not a perfect piece of wood, but those things are part of the unexplained story, the old, the young, the decline and the future. Too heavy for the morning.


The old frogs I have rest with eyes partially closed/open, so it is hoped to convey the tiredness of the old...


I'll get to the good pictures when I have some time when the studio is dark. I've got south facing windows, so at this time of year, sunny (yippee) days fill the studio with light, which is not good when trying to control the photographic lighting. Maybe harnessing the sunlight might be a good thing. On with the day.

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I've done the photos on black, and will post the 3D versions. I apologize ahead of time, the file sizes are larger than recommended, but I did want to avoid pixelation. Since the earlier photos, the oil and color has solidified, leaving a touch of translucency and glow to the lighter raised areas. That is nice. I've brushed, rubbed and buffed various areas, to give a nicer tactile quality when it is handled. It takes time to reach a point when the final surface work can be completed. I may have a little more to do, but it is most likely done now. Sorry, I don't have the measurements yet, I'll add them later. It fits in the palm of my hand.


"Twilight Meeting"

Boxwood, Amber Inlay




















I will be adding these to my web site today. Remember to cross your eyes until you see three distinct images, and when you are focused well on the middle one, you should be able to move your eyes around the image and sense the 3D illusion :P;)

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Hi Janel


One more thought on the flying eye problem. Take a large size (1 gal ) ziplock or food storage clear plastic bag. Insert a small board to cut on, the stick with the eye and a knife. Then either work though the single open end and cut the eyes off (easiest for me) or close the bag and manipulate the tools by grasping them through the clear plastic. Cut the eye off the stick if it flies the plastic bag will contain it. I do love your frogs, one can almost hear them call. Which considering we have a dusting of snow on the ground is quite an accomplishment. Dick Kahle

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