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larry harley

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i ,m slowley emerging back from the cave i was in

them docs got drugs that will wear u OUT:)

besides getn better it has been an incrediable learning exp about my self

and others


i want to thank everyone for there support


without some of u guys i dont know what i would have done

i also received a gret deal of support from everyone i knew in the A B S and TOMB

ive not started back to work yet i still have no endurance

but i got a yrs long list of honeydos that will keep me busy for a while

i been tickeled to mow the yrd and clean out my gutters:)

i,ll be doing a batch of BattleBowies as soon as i can find the steelive orders for some

and will be doing extras if anyone wants one

after not working for a yr i got Bills out the wazoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its good to be back

cary on i,ll be watching from the sidelines


non viral possum

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