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hello from germany


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hi everybody :-)


i was lurking in this wonderful forum for quite a while, and never dared to appear, as i am still very new to the world of carving. but now i decided its time to jump into the adventure ...

coming from a scientific background, i started carving exactely 2 years ago. i am self learner, and first with a few pieces carved in soap, then a few month carving soapstone, and then i made step towards hard stones. i carved lapislazuli, jade, various sorts of pebbles, and now mainly agate, and carneol. i still feel unsure, about showing my work here, as i admired so very beautiful carvings here, and mine are still showing beginners troubles...


i selected a few of my more recent works to introduce myself. all of these are intended as jewelery, mainly necklaces-pendants, or brooches. the stones are agate, carneol, and jade (nephrite).


i look forward to learn, and exchange experiences :-)





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You've got a lot of variety there :) The sun shining through the red piece is beautiful- I like its design. Your hedgehog avatar is a nice piece of work too. I wish we had those creatures over here in N. America. :)





p.s. wie sagt man 'hedgehog' auf Deutsch?

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thanks for warm welcome !


"hedgehog = igel" in deutsch ... yes, hedgehog is nice, and is carved from pebble i found on walk. the translucent red, is carneol. i wish i could get better hold to these wonderful stones. in this case the stone, with its color pattern told me the design, so to say. i not wanted disturb beauty, but emphasis ...


please feel free to ask anything about stonecarving, i would be glad to tell my way of doing things (though i dont know if that is how other people do, but it works for me)


and, yes, i have more pictures of my work, will show them soon.


thanks again for welcoming me so friendly :-)

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