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Greetings from New Hampshire

Steve Duryea

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Where we live free or die, except that you could die from what it costs to live here even though the weather stinks nine months out of the year.


I started carving realistic birds ten years ago (long story), and still do, and most are not miniatures. But I branched out pretty quickly into oddball carvings of hummingbirds, in which I combine realism with more abstract elements.


Easier to show than describe, so I'll post some pics in the Show and Tell section.


I've been interested in netsuke and allied art forms for decades but have always been too intimidated to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe I will eventually.

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Thanks Janel and Jim.


I've been lurking quite a bit today. Whew, there is some serious work here, and a lot of useful information.


Jim, did you ever live in Southern VT? A fellow named James Lorette, who runs a wood supply place in Westmoreland, NH (and is a truly amazing woodworker himself) showed me a brochure some years ago from somebody in VT who did exquisite metalwork in miniature but I can't remember the name.


The little grey memory cells are not what they used to be so I could be wrong, but as I recall whoever it was lived in Putney.

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