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Peach Pits in Maine

john in maine

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Hello everyone - my name is john and I've been carving peach pits for a year or so. It started simply because the arrangement of patterns already given by the pit were so compelling; often looking like unknown alphabets, willow trees, or mazes. I sit on the floor and hold the pit in my gloved left hand.

( to avoid getting cut ) I use a dremel tool ( held stationary in a vise on the floor ), small Japanese knives,

several exacto knives and wet dry sandpaper. I began to look on for resources on the internet and luckily found my way to this forum. I would like to learn about finishing, oils, and fine detail carving. I'm looking forward to exploring all the posts that are already there and waiting. In a recent develoment I have begun to use the dremel tool to shape and smooth rocks that already have interesting contours and shading. Thanks from john in maine!

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