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Let me introduce myself...


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My name's Ivon Schmukler and I have been involved with hand crafts all my life. The major portion of my adult life has been spent building, repairing and restoring guitars. During a thirteen-year hiatus from lutherie I took up my father's trade, jewelry leaving it when the Hunts decided to corner the market on silver and the prices of fine metals went through the roof.


"Steel's cheap; make knives," my wife said and I did.



From 1979 through 1986 I made custom folding knives and also began carving netsuke. I came by my interest in carving from my father who carved in ivory and wood. He also collected netsuke, swords and sword furniture. His collections were a constant source of facination for me. He taught me the basics of carving and tool making.


Returning to the guitar world around 1989 consumed most of my time and I devoted myself to both doing and teaching lutherie. Along with several seasoned guitarmakers, I established the Leeds Guitarmakers School in 1992. Recently I decided to go back to netsuke carving and am now devoting about half my time to that.


I will post some pictures of my recent carvings, tools, guitars and knives in the show and tell.

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