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Some pictures of my work


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Dear all,


Here are some pictures of my work, but please do comment and criticize.


The mant at worship is made in 1965 while attending an art school in Mount Vernon.

Back of a Sterling silver pendant is fairly new

Copy of an ancient wooden panel was done about 7 years ago they just brought it back for polishing.






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Thanks for sharing Dagistanli. My favorite is the "ancient" wooden panel. I'm curious what material it is and where the original panel is. :lol:


Hi Jim,


The original panel is in the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo, no.13173, gift of Sir John Hume Egypt, Tulunid period, late 9th century. Its said in the book that, the arched panel probobly of teak, and the dimensions of the arched panel are: height 58cm, width 45cm. My reference book is "The Arts of Islam" Hayward Gallery 8 April - 4 July 1976 Picture no:437 page: 282 - 283


I carved it out of a 2mm thick Sterling Silver, and then set a triangular shaped ametyst on it.


Best regards,



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Dagistanli, the pendant in the bottom photo, how was this done. was it carved in wax first,cast and then the figure of the flowers chased. or was it chased from sheet silver to start with? Dan


Hi Dan,


The pendant in the bottom photo, is all hand made out of a sheet of silver. It is first drawn on a sheet of Sterling Silver, and then carved by hand pushed gravers. No casting or chasing involved.


Best regards,



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