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just another carver


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Hello, I have been reading for a while now and decided to come out of the shadows.


My name is rod and I live in nebraksa. I came to carving about a year ago after a chance look at ian norbury's site. Since then I have done the typical hobbist carver things, but I did fall in love with carving canes and walking stick. Recently I have been inspired after seeing some netsuke carvings. I found this site and have been reading and following links ever since. I do have some pics of some of the canes here http://walkingart.blogspot.com/.


I am a technical business analyst by day (computer geek that can explain stuff to executives) and a carver when ever time allows. Actually, I carve every chance I get and someday.... Anyway I like old cars and have a 63 chevy convertible, married with a son (10). That pretty much sums up my life.


I would like to ask some questions, but thought it rude to not introduce myself first


thank for reading


nebrasks rod

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Thanks for introducing yourself Rod! Welcome to The Carving Path. I was wondering who you were after you signed up.


(That goes for everyone else who has joined TCP and have yet to introduce yourselves :) !)


I've just had my first look Ian Norbury's site. Wow! The work in progress gets my gears going. Watching a piece emerge from the block of wood is always exciting, but when he then replaces areas of the sculpture with diamonds of various colored hardwoods, oh man! Thank you for mentioning this man's work!

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