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recarved 1921 morgan dollar


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here is my latest carving, the host coin was a 1921 morgan dollar...i use knife and gun engraving tools and a microscope..


Hello Billzach,


I've seen the picture of your carved coins in the "hand engravers", they are beautiful. Hope to see more of them. Have you tried carving in other mediums? And are the coins you carve, mostly silver? It must be real hard to carve on nickel alloyed coins with push gravers.


Best regards,



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nice running leaf border, did you freehand or did you do a layout ? is the background a single point stipple ? did you use a hand punch or one of those new fangeled power thingys?



I free hand the layout on about everything i carve, i use hand push gravers about 60% of the time and a gravermax the other 40%, on this one i used a single point stipple with my gravermax for background ..,i don,t dot [stipple ] the background on coins very often, when i do it,s usually on a silver dollar, this carving took me about 15 hours to do..

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