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The Black UlJake

Jake Powning

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Hi Guys

here are some pictures of a collaboration I just finished with a German Smith named Uli Henicke.

he did the blades and the leather work and the steal fittings and i did the wood work, and the cast bronze fittings. it was a very challenging and rewarding project. the blade is around 27 inches on the sword, and the knife blade is around 10 inches. the scabbards and gripps are carved from german Bog oak, and I carved the fittings in hard wax and cast them in a vacum caster using the lost wax technique. they are silicon bronze.

thanks for looking







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thanks very much for the compliments!

Bog oak is usually european brown oak, that has been presserved in a bog for a couple thousand years. so the tree that I made the fittings for this sword from may have been alive and well during the La Tene period wich is one of the periods that inspired this piece. i really like the idea of that, the ancient celtic tradition is what moves my work and this wood is from a tree that grew over my ancestors, it's tricky wood to work with but it's just too cool to pass up. :D

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