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Hello and introduction

Guy Thomas

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Hello all, I'm introducing myself at Janel's request. Not much of a carver but I'm a knifemaker who lives in Tallahassee, Florida mostly active on Don's bladesmithing forum but I've been admiring the work showcased here for quite some time. I frequently get the itch to try carving but it requires a somewhat different mindset than bladesmithing and I haven't quite worked it out yet. It is something that keeps cropping up in my mind though so one of these days I will see what I can do especially since I would use the skills in conjunction with knifemaking as well. I have forged out a few small chisels but other than a feeble attempt at chip carving and a bit of whittling that's the extent of my forray! Learning some of the relief carving skills shown on Japanese tsuba really interests me and netsuke are really beginnning to fascinate me as well. I know I can learn a lot here but I will mostly be watching and listening!

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