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Joe Aimetti


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Hello all-


I was wondering if anyone here has ever used a man made material called “corian”?

It is used in counter tops, in fact my kitchen and bathrooms sink and counter tops were formed from this material.

It is a lot like stone, but acts like a very hard plastic. The installer was kind enough to allow me to have several boxes of his samples in all colors and appearances. Some of the samples actually look like certain stones, marble, sand stone, granite and such.

I have had a bit of experience carving Tagua nuts, and the Corian acts just like it except that it is more stable. I still like the natural materials but this corian seems like pretty good stuff.


Take care all.


Joe Aimetti

Kingsport, TN



I have done several carvings in corian. I absolutely LOVE the stuff. What the other poster said about it being brittle isn't an issue in small carvings, and the current formulations are less brittle now anyway.


Here's a look at something I did with it- This is sized to fit in the palm of your hand, and the green cabochon is out of another brand of the same stuff:post-1843-1214904743.jpg


If you have any further questions about my experience with the stuff, fire away.


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Hmm. I've got some of that color. Been hesitant about it's less than natural look. I really tend to like the solid colors better.

Any thought's on this?




The one on the right is corian (that the ivory piano key veneer is mounted on)...

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