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A few attempts at metal working

Steve Ellsworth

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This may be fun for you too.

The NICE site is a bit different, basically the top carvers in the realm who do not do the traditional "hobo" related art but stray into other areas of modern genra ranging from reality to complete madness. Of course carving coins is madness, totally unforgiving, no way to repair once screwed up, causes cancer and ulcers in rats but is or can be quite lucrative depending upon the subject matter cut.


This weeks project was a new indian face with eye pupils and a bit of bead work in 24k. One down and 500 to go. It's a busy business.

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Guest ford hallam
carving coins is madness, causes cancer and ulcers in rats


I really don't think we should allow rats to carve metal at all, apart from the stated health risks dare we allow this kind of encroachment on our territory?


What next?, hamsters weaving, salmon throwing pots?....where will it end?


concerned,...and just a little alarmed,



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