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Family ties.

Sebastián Urresti

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Hi guys!

Here in Argentina we´re having a lovely springtime with flowers, new leaves and a bunch of great little guys that live in our trees. Here are some photos, nothing compared with the great ones that are posted here, but that´s not the real point of this mail. Here´s the thing, these little guys live together in three trees (Platanaceae - Platanus x hispanica) that I have in front of my house. They are all-ways together but today I´ve noticed that they were separeted but not too much (the males - I think - have one inch wide and are the darkest ones and the other are the females ), but look how they are all in groups taking care of each other? I think that´s an interesting topic to make some nice piece. I think that tehy are relatives with the poto of the first insect that Natasha posted earlier.

post-318-1161570667.jpgObserving everything



Caring mothers

post-318-1161570723.gifThat´s the tree

Hope you like them,


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Wonderful photos

Existance is a strange and wonderful thing, so many societies and family structures that we as humans overlook or ignore completely believing ours to be the only one of any significance.


We think of the bugs as being a problem but when itcomes down to the supreme biological infestation destroying theplanet it is us.



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