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One more Silver Pendant and some views from Berlin


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Hi All,


Here is a sterling silver pendant I carved some time ago which I would like to share with you. I requested to take a picture of it from one of my best friends and colleague from Berlin, Germany for whom I made it for. While we were visiting him (me and my wife), it was a lucky coincidence that we had a chance to see one of the most well-known vine festivals in Berlin which is held every year in August, being the Bernkastel-Kues Wine Festival (31 August-4 September). Here I’m posting some pictures from that little village with all its hills covered with grapevines and river passing below the hills which I think you’ll enjoy looking. I certainly would suggest everyone to go and see that little village, it really has an astounding view. Very delicious wines too <_<


Best Regards.










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Thank you for the photographs of that part of the world near Berlin, and for showing us the special piece. Is the rose tile a part of the pendant? I do enjoy the lively rose patterns.


Hello Janel,


I'm sorry, I forgot to write what the rose tile was all about. The rose tile is carved on a separate sheet of sterling silver, just for practice purposes. It's a practice plate another words. After it was finished I gave it to one of my jeweler friends and he cut it in to pieces, cast them, and use it in making new gold bracelets.


Best regards,



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