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Introducing Dino


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Hello everybody,


My name is Dino Endres. I just discovered this forum and subscribed immediately. There seem to be some very experienced people creating beautiful carvings and sculptures! I've been working with Juniper Burl for about 3 years now and became quite an addict to this material. My objects are not the figurative type but more imaginative organic and I get inspired by the shape the roots I collect in the mediterranean already provide. I hope to get and give one or the other good information and stimulation.


If anyone is interested in some of my works: http://www.ginkgobiloba.biz

I hope you find your way through ;)


Greetings from Germany,


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Thanks Janel,

I'm already in contact with him. It was due to his links that i found this place. I've quoted him in my Materials site but not correctly and without name so I asked him if I can cite him and enter his name half a year later... Nice to find people with similar passion and I think this is the right place to meet some more!

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Hello Magnus,

As you visited my site it seems obselete to show more of my work like you asked in the other topic. Thx for the flowers! But looking at the many rangy elaborated and well crafted pieces presented in this forum makes me feel a bit like a butcher ;) On one hand I'd like to create more detailed (still not figurative) small objects, on the other I also tend toward working on bigger sculptures, althouh very much constricted to the size of root burls I find. Unlike many other carvings mine very much appeal to the sense of touch which is certainly difficult to express in pictures. The wild grain and structure of juniper burl would also very much interfere with too fine carving. Anyway, there's a lot to learn here and I'm looking forward to it.

I will update my site in a few days with some more of my smaller works and let you know.


So long,


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